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Biochemfusion ApS by
Jan Holst Jensen
Lřvspringsvej 4C,
DK-2920 Charlottenlund
Phone: +45 3048 0050
CVR (VAT) no: DK32057446

About Biochemfusion

Biochemfusion is a danish software company focusing on efficient registration and analysis of protein compounds in databases. The company was founded in January 2009 by Jan Holst Jensen, a former Research Scientist in the pharmaceutical industry for 14 years.

Biochemfusion's Proteax software suite was created based on a unique in-depth know-how of the representation formats for small molecules and proteins. Proteax therefore lets you work with biological compounds across the boundaries of bioinformatics and cheminformatics.

Physically located a few kms north of Copenhagen, Biochemfusion is placed in the middle of the North European biotech cluster known as Medicon Valley. This allows Biochemfusion to maintain close collaboration with the area's large number of pharmaceutical and biotech companies, as well as its academic institutions.

Resellers and distributors

Central + Eastern Europe and the Middle East
AKos GmbH
Austr. 26
D-79585 Steinen
Phone: +49 7627 970068

Integration partners, consultancy and implementation

Thomas Doerner
Application specialist
Discovery • Informatics • Information
Obertüllingen 109, D-79539 Lörrach, Germany
Web site:

Database registration, computational chemistry
D-45257 Essen, Germany

Proteax integration partner, ELN vendor, consultancy, development projects
Budaörs (Budapest), Hungary
Web site:

The Edge
Proteax integration partner, BioRails vendor, consultancy
Guildford, UK
Web site: The Edge Software Consultancy Ltd.


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