Proteax licensing in general

Each individual end user that uses Proteax must be covered by a valid license; either by holding a single-user license or via a multi-user license.

Multi-user licenses cover individual named users, e.g. a 5-user multi-user license permits 5 specific named users to use Proteax; it does not allow any 5 users the simultaneous use of Proteax.

Each named licensed user may install and use Proteax on any number of machines and CPUs.

Proteax licenses are annual subscriptions. You will be notified by e-mail two months before your license expires so you will have ample time to renew the license.

The more licenses you buy, the lower the average price per user.

If Proteax is embedded in a consultancy solution provided by Biochemfusion, the licensing model will differ from the above and the pricing will be specific to the project. To learn more about Biochemfusion's consultancy offers, please contact .