Product downloads

All product downloads are provided as regular ZIP or self-extracting EXE files. Proteax Desktop and Proteax for Spreadsheets downloads come with a trial license included.

Some older versions of Internet Explorer may corrupt the download of self-extracting EXE files and certain anti-virus products will block the download of regular zip files. If you experience a corrupted download, please try downloading via the alternative link which gives you the download as a password-protected zip file. This should ensure that you get a valid download.

To unlock a password-protected zip file use the password "bcf" when prompted - three lowercase letters without the quotes.

Linux users can unpack the zip files with 'unzip' version 6.00 or later. Older versions of 'unzip' may not support password-protected archives.

Proteax for Spreadsheets

The installer includes a trial license valid for at least 75 days from the day of download.

Microsoft Excel® users

  • Proteax for Spreadsheets 2.4 2017-03-02 installer [10.1 MB download]

    If your browser corrupts the download, please try the password-protected zip version - the password is "bcf".

    This version supports 32- and 64-bit Microsoft Excel® 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, and 2019 (*)
    (*) Office 2019 will be detected by the installer as "Office 2016" - the installation will succeed with this setting.
    Runs on 32- or 64-bit Windows® Windows 7 or later.
    Includes example data. Requires no special privileges to install (unless you explicitly install for "All users" - this requires administrator privileges).

    For a version that is suitable for corporate silent deployment, or terminal server installations, please for additional documentation and help.

OpenOffice/LibreOffice users

  • Proteax for Spreadsheets for OpenOffice/LibreOffice [2.6 MB download]
    The OpenOffice/LibreOffice version is not as feature-complete as the Excel version but works on more platforms. Please consult the README file in the download for install instructions.
    The 2.2 Calc version will work with both Proteax 2.2, 2.3, and 2.4.
    Tested on OpenOffice 3.1 and 4.0.1 on Windows, LibreOffice 3.5 and 4 on Debian Linux.

Older versions

[Image: Proteax for Spreadsheets screenshot.]

Proteax Desktop

This is a full download of the Proteax toolkit for 32- and 64-bit Windows and Linux. Comes with language bindings for .NET, Python, Pascal, Java, and C/C++.

  • Proteax Desktop 2.4 2017-03-02 [13.2 MB download]

    If your browser corrupts the download, please try the password-protected zip version - the password is "bcf".

    The download includes a trial license valid for at least 75 days from the day of download.
    Major new features since 2.3:
    • Full support for structures with isotopes.
    • Partial support for repeating units, e.g. PEGs.
    • list() function added to list all sequence elements and features.
    • dernot_distance() function added.
    Please note - there is currently no installer for Proteax Desktop. Consult the download's "Install_and_Wrapper_Guide.pdf" document for installation instructions. This product is suitable only for developers and people comfortable with a command line. If you are looking for a quick test of Proteax you should try the spreadsheet version instead.
    The ProteaxMolConverter example application (that converts chemical structures to PLN) and ProteaxAdmin (the modification database administrator application) can however be run directly without installation as soon as you have unpacked the ZIP-file.

Older versions

[Image: Proteax Desktop screenshot.]

Proteax Cartridge

Proteax is available for use in Oracle® and Postgres® database servers. The Oracle cartridge and the Postgres extension adds SQL functions to the database so you can manipulate protein and peptide records directly in the database.

Proteax is available for Oracle 10, 11, and 12 and for Postgres 9.x.

Please if you want to try Proteax in your database.

[Image: Proteax Cartridge screenshot.]

Proteax KNIME nodes

Follow the instructions at the Proteax KNIME nodes download site to install the extension. To successfully run the Proteax KNIME nodes you need to have Proteax Desktop 2.0 or later installed (downloading and unpacking the Proteax Desktop ZIP-file is all that is required for KNIME usage).

[Image: Proteax KNIME nodes screenshot.]

Utilities and tools downloads

Rendering tools

The open source rendering tools convert Proteax rendering info text into graphics. The rendering tools are available as Delphi / Free Pascal, C#, Adobe ActionScript (Flash), Java, and JavaScript code and can be readily incorporated into your own applications or web pages.

  • Rendering tools 2011-01-14 [251 kB download]

    If you experience a corrupted download, please try the password-protected zip version - the password is "bcf".

    Includes source code and test suite for all supported implementations.

    The 2011-01-14 update fixes a minor issue with the Java molecule renderer.
[Image: Proteax molecule and sequence graphics examples.]

Integration tools

Oracle utilities

  • PYPL: Oracle -> Python cartridge, 2014-11-02
    Simple cartridge that lets you call Python scripts from Oracle PL/SQL.
    Open Source, BSD-licensed.
    Release 2014-11-02 adds support for Windows servers.
  • Journalling package
    Package that implements full journalling of Oracle tables.
    NOTE: Update 2011-10-07: Now supports table names longer than 23 characters.
  • Oracle schema DDL backup
    Simple scripts for backing up schema DDL and submitting changes to a version control system.
    NOTE: Update 2015-10-05: Add dump of privileges made (grants).